Electrochemical Capacitive Properties of Ny/PP/GO Electro-spun Composite Coating on Stainless Steel in Acid Media

Jorge Uruchurtu Chavarín

Composite materials were manufactured to obtain singular properties to be used as in electrochemical driven energy systems. An electrochemical evaluation was performed on electro-spun nylon 6,6 fibers (Ny), with different concentrations of tetra-para-amino-phenyl porphyrin (PP) and graphene oxide (GO) composite coating over stainless steel (SS), immersed in 1M H2SO4 aggressive sulfuric acid solution. Different film coatings behavior was obtained and compared using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Also, cyclic voltametry (CV) were performed on nylon/PP/GO composite coating system at different scan rates, and over film covered carbon cloth. For the electro-spun composite coating on stainless steel EIS, lower electro-spinning times present higher impedance, hence some corrosion protection. For greater electro-spinning times, larger capacitance values were observed. These were possibly due to thicker coating or mass transport adsorption-diffusion process through the composite film, respectively. For the composite coating, porphyrins, and graphene oxide interaction present ionic conductivity, reducing the impedance and promoting proton formation, property which could be used in charge storage systems.

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